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Peeks Safety has undergone a major facelift and we are thrilled to be offering our same, great products with a shiny new veneer! Now equipped with a better online experience and a brand to match our success, we are looking forward to serving our clients in new and better ways. Check below to learn more!

Expert Safety Services in Manitoba

When it comes to safety services in Manitoba, our team of experts stands out for its dedication and excellence. We offer comprehensive programs that go beyond basic awareness; equipping employees not only with knowledge but also with skills required for implementation effectively. Our services can be customized specifically for your industry or workplace for maximum impact; working together can create a safer work environment while decreasing risks such as accidents and injuries.

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Top-Quality Manitoba Safety Services

At our Manitoba-based service center, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality safety services that surpass industry standards. Our dedicated team offers hands-on practical assistance that equips employees with knowledge and skills needed for job safety on the jobsite. Whether you require general or specialized solutions - we have what it takes to exceed expectations and meet every challenge head on.

Comprehensive Safety Services in Manitoba

When it comes to safety, no compromise should be tolerated. That's why our Manitoba-based safety services encompass every aspect of workplace safety from audits to training - everything from audits to assessments that meet or surpass regulatory requirements and customized plans tailored specifically for you and your employees. Our ultimate aim is ensuring their wellbeing so you can focus on running your business without worry!

Stay Safe with Professional Safety Services in Manitoba

Safety should never just be considered an afterthought - it must become part of everyday work culture. Our professional safety services in Manitoba aim to equip your workforce with the skills needed to reduce risks and ensure safe working practices. Our knowledgeable team offers hands-on services that engage and inform - helping ensure they're ready for whatever safety challenges come their way. With us by your side, creating a culture of safety will protect both employees and your business!

Manitoba's Trusted Safety Services Provider

For over 10 years, we have been the go-to safety services provider in Manitoba, offering high-quality services that set the bar for workplace safety in Manitoba. Our dedication and focus on excellence have earned us an impeccable reputation among clients relying on us. Join our satisfied client list who have experienced firsthand what difference our expertise can make in your workplace environment!


Investing in the safety of your employees is essential to the success of any business, and our Manitoba safety services aim to equip your team with all of the knowledge and abilities needed for ensuring an uninhibited working environment. From basic protocols to advanced techniques, our comprehensive safety offerings cover it all to make sure they can manage any challenges they might come across while giving you peace of mind that your workplace is compliant and safe allowing you to concentrate on running it successfully.

Ensure Manitoba Workplace Safety 


Enhance Workplace Safety With Professional Training

Empower your team with top quality safety training. Get started today to create a safe, more productive work environment.

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Peeks Safety operates in compliance with COR® and SAFE Work Certified® standards.

COR® is a Manitoba occupational safety and health accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety and health management system which meets national standards.

SAFE Work Certified® is Manitoba's safety and health certification standard that helps make workplaces safer and provides a financial reward to employers that take proactive steps to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

Safe Work Certified
National COR Standard

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