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Bolster your organizations professional safety standards. Hire our safety pro's for your curated safety solutions.

About My Safety Pro

Subscribe to safety! With a monthly subscription fee, Peeks can come to your workplace and be your Health and Safety Professional. Let us take safety off your busy plate so you can get back to what you do best and we can help make your organization one of the safest in Winnipeg. Don’t need all these services? That’s okay, some of our plans mix and match certain elements offered by the My Safety Pro program and adjust price accordingly depending on your health and safety consulting needs. Don’t delay and contact us today to find out more about what having My Safety Pro could mean for your organization!

My Safety Pro encompasses all of our consulting services:

  • Annual Safety Audits

  • Safety Program & Policies development

  • Safe Work Procedures/Practices development

  • Site inspections

  • Assist with Incident Investigations

  • Manage WCB claims

  • Lead your quarterly Health and Safety Committee meetings

  • Perform prequals

  • H&S Training

  • Employee orientations

  • Liaison with WS&H officials and/or WCB

  • Emergency Preparedness (Evacuation Drill at office/shop)

  • Pre job safety inspection forms

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