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Compliance is a non negotiable reality of operating an organization. Let us help you ensure you're operating within the bounds of local regulations.

Did you know?

Manitoba Workplace Health & Safety Act and Regulations 7.4(1):

Establishment of workplace safety and health program:

An employer shall establish a written workplace safety and health program for each workplace where 20 or more workers of that employer are regularly employed.

Click to download the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulation PDF.

Get compliant. Stay compliant.

Peeks assists companies to comply with local legislation and develops your health and safety program so you are in compliance with regulations. Providing the policies and procedures required for a program takes time to put together but once complete, only needs reviewing every 3 years to stay current and in compliance.

Here are some of the things involved in a full-bodied safety program that Peeks will build for you:


  • All company policies required for the field you work in

  • A job site manual. Peeks can create a paper copy or utilize the increasing in popularity QR codes so anyone can access easily onsite via a cell phone. 

  • Design a company orientation program so all new hires are trained in your new program properly complying with workers rights to know. 

  • Create templates for all your equipment & site inspections that are required for your line of work. 

  • Helps companies to develop emergency evacuation procedures so everyone gets out safe if the worst should occur.



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