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Are you adequately outfitted to stand out as a candidate for your opportunities? Let us ensure your evaluators like what they see!

Maximize your opportunity.

Need to complete a prequal to be awarded a job? No problem. Peeks can help to complete this for you. The prequalification process typically involves collecting information about a contractor's financial health, safety record, and project experience. A rigorous prequalification process can be time consuming and if not done correctly, immediately disqualify you from even bidding on a project. Letting us do this for you will free you up to spend time on things you’re much better at and more interested in. 

Note: We also specialize in programs like ISNetworld. Peeks offers no guarantees for any awarded contracts.

General Contractors

Pre-qualification is a crucial step for GCs to ensure predictable and successful project outcomes while mitigating risk. By maintaining a consistent and repeatable pre-qualification process, GCs can improve the quality of their partners and the overall success of their projects.

The following are excerpts from Constrafor, a procurement service for general contractors:

Benefits of Pre-qualifications

Improved project outcomes
Prequalifying subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors helps ensure that only qualified and capable partners are selected for a project. This directly leads to predictable success for better project outcomes, such as on-time delivery, reduced rework, improved quality and adherence to the project schedule.


Reduced Risk

Pre-qualification allows GCs to reduce the risk of partnering with unreliable or financially unstable partners. By ensuring that partners have the necessary experience, insurance, and financial resources, GCs can mitigate the risk of project delays, cost overruns, and potential legal disputes.

Enhanced Reputation

Partnering with reputable subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors can enhance the reputation for the GC. By selecting partners who are known for quality work and professionalism, general contractors can improve their own reputation within the industry.

Challenges of Pre-qualifications

Time-consuming Process

Pre-qualification can be a time-consuming process, requiring the GC to collect and review a significant amount of information from potential partners. This can result in delays in the procurement process and potentially impact project timelines.


Limited Pool of Partners

Pre-qualification may result in a limited pool of potential partners for a project. This can be especially challenging in regions where the number of qualified partners is limited.

Balancing Criteria

It can be difficult for GCs to balance the need for stringent pre-qualification criteria with the need to maintain a competitive bid process. Overly stringent criteria may result in only a handful of partners qualifying for a project, potentially limiting competition and driving up costs.

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