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Does your organization's health and safety standards need third party evaluation? We can help!

What's in an audit?

Peeks works with companies to provide their services as registered auditors to perform annual audits required in maintaining certification through programs like COR with the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba or with Madesafe certifications for those clients that are more in the manufacturing industry.

This service requires access to all company policies and procedures in regards to your safety program. Peeks will also come to site for 2-3 days for observations and interviews with employees as required based on the audit tool being used. 


Becoming certified is greatly encouraged to any company wanting accountability and oversight in Health and Safety, creating a culture of continuous improvement and complying with legislation. 

What are the benefits?


Upon certification, companies become eligible for a 15 per cent rebate on their WCB premiums. In addition to the WCB reduction, benefits of certification include:


  • Safer and healthier workplaces

  • Better control of workplace hazards

  • Reductions in workplace injuries and illnesses

  • Improved employee engagement and productivity

  • Greater confidence in compliance and legislative requirements

  • Potential long-term reduction in WCB premiums

Why is this important?


Important advantages of a SAFE Work certified workplace include:


  • Reduction of legal risk, associated costs, (and administrative burden)

  • Improved operational effectiveness

  • Vendor preference, and other business KPI’s

  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention



Peeks Safety operates in compliance with COR® and SAFE Work Certified® standards.

National COR Standard

COR® is a Manitoba occupational safety and health accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety and health management system which meets national standards.

Safe Work Certified

SAFE Work Certified® is Manitoba's safety and health certification standard that helps make workplaces safer and provides a financial reward to employers that take proactive steps to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

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